TRAȘKIN is a womenswear fashion brand from the designer duo Ana Spiridon and Alina Dragomir, launched in 2013. With an MA Degree in Fashion Design at Bucharest National University Of Arts and design experience background, the brand quickly developed a custom, urban yet unique line.

#uptownmeetsdowntown is the basic concept of TRAȘKIN, meaning two different sides of the city, two different personalities, two different ways of living, all merged into one creative perspective. The logo also symbolizes the two sides, visually describing the antithetical concept.

Targeting young, brave and playful individuals, that like to experiment and be creative with their personal style, the duo is fascinated by stories, dreams and making fantasy real with every garment that comes to life.

Since 2013, the brand has launched 7 ready-to-wear collections, reinventing shapes and forms, playing with colors and textures with a touch of craftsmanship, like hand embroidery and knitting.

Every piece has a story to tell and never be told again, meaning that TRAȘKIN focused on unique pieces of clothing, vivid emotions and harmony between high-end fashion and urban streetwear.


HIJA DE LA CALLE 1989 (2017) | SOFTPOP SPORTY (2016) | SOFTPOP (2015) | GHETTOQUEEN (2015) | RITUALZ (2014)